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July Newsletter

 View this newsletter online at Green Drinks Chesapeake - Wednesday, July 31 Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 31 from 6 pm to 8 pm .  Location and guest speaker to be announced;  we may or may not be at YNot Pizza.   Among other to pics we'll discuss the  Trails and Connectivity Plan (  and we also hope to have a related letter with comments to the Planning Commission ready for folks to sign on to.  What is Green Drinks?  Green Drinks is mostly for people working on environmental issues, but anyone can come -- people from environment groups, business, government, academia, and as individuals. There is no 'us and them'. Green Drinks is a chance to mingle, share insights, inspire and delight each other. Come out and order some food or a drink (each participant pays for their own drinks and food; if drinking, please do so responsibly!) and join the conversation. Please do share the invite with others who may be

Greenbrier Area Plan

The stated purpose of the Greenbrier Area Plan is to "develop strategies to guide future development, maintain Greenbrier’s economic advantage in the marketplace and attract new businesses and residents by improving the qualities that make Greenbrier a unique place in the city." The plan envisions significantly increasing the density of the area with considerable new urban mixed-use development, new neighbor scale and age-targeted housing, adding a large capacity regional multi-purpose athletic/entertainment facility, all while enhancing the commercial retail environment and serving a major urban employment center.    One stated goal is to improve the Quality of Life for residents and workers in the Greenbrier area "by strengthening the appeal and livability of the built environment and the availability and quality of services provided."  Some of the specific components to be studied include steps to improve existing open spaces, create new open spaces, integrate ex